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HP EML103 Library Status Unknown?

Occasional Advisor

HP EML103 Library Status Unknown?

Hi there,

we have a HP EML103 Library which seems to have a problem. When I start the library the picker won't move and the library shows unknown (instead of operational), no error messages.

Does anyone know what to do?

Re: HP EML103 Library Status Unknown?


A couple things to check...

Are you sure you have removed the shipping restraints (both of them)?

Is the Interface Manager board connected to the RLC (robotic library controller board) via an Ethernet cable?

Does the "Fault" LED stay flashing on the RLC board? If so, verify the IM card is alive and that you can login to the IM board via telnet/ssh.

Is the OCP responsive? Can you navigate around? If so, see which component is lsited as RED in the component status area. If the OCP is not responsive at all, double check the RLC and IM are communicating with each other over the network (again the Eth cable connection is important).