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HP Library & Tape Tools - Command Line Switches?

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HP Library & Tape Tools - Command Line Switches?

Hi There,

Does anyone know of the command line switches for the windows version for HP Library & Tape Tools? I would like to be able to get hp_ltt.exe to export a support ticket for all devices from a command line prompt (Windows DOS). I then want to interrogate that ticket via a tool that i have written to report on the exact hardware and firmwares in the solution.
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Re: HP Library & Tape Tools - Command Line Switches?

The current version of LTT for windows does not really provide a command line interface (although there are a few command line switches to control the GUI behavior).

For windows, the LTT interface is the GUI.

And even on the non-windows versions (e.g. UX, Linux, Netware, etc) there is only a "command shell interface" that is a character input-driven emulation of the GUI. It is not really a command line interface, and is very difficult to script.

We are considering a commind line interface (more suitable for batch files) for future releases of the tool.

If anyone else has comments with regard to the usefulness of a command line interface version of LTT on windows (or other platforms), please comment.

- ltt team -
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Re: HP Library & Tape Tools - Command Line Switches?

hi Ltt team,

please realize a command to read the hp serial number of the cartdridge inserted in the drive and then output to log file. This command will be very usefull to verifiy if the tape was changed by the operator in remote site

Best regards