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HP MSL 2024 Support, Compatability and Queries.

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HP MSL 2024 Support, Compatability and Queries.

Hi Experts,
We are planning to setup a Backup & Restore solution for one of our customer. We have proposed a RMAN Streaming backups to Tapes using any of the Veritas MML Based software ex: HP Data Protector, Veitas Netbackup etc.

We have a single Oracle Client but with huge size (FRA size of 7 TBs).
Backup Frequency will be daily incremental backups (RMAN Image Copies - ROLL FORWARD IMAGE COPIES: These are generally same to same copy and acquires more space).

Okay now our doubts/queries.
We are planning to have the HP MSL 2024 Tpe Libraries.
- What is the capacity (Storage Limit) and Speed of this.
- Tape Cartridges LTO support, i mean if this can support LTO 6 or LTO 7 ?
- Tape Cartridges it supports and respective tape storage limits.
- what is the max capacity we can have with this HP MSL 2024, will it be enough for holding 7 TB of weekly data.
- If we compress our data on tapes, in my opinion that will bring some extra efforts and time while decompressing the data, are we right on this part ?
- HP MSDL 2024 Autoloaders will automatically manage or admin things and no manual interventions are required ex: for changing tapes, branding them etc ?
- How many cartridges and with what capacity the HP MSL 2024 supports ?
- What kind of tape drive is compatible with this tape library.
- So, we have doubts mainly on the tape drive and cartridge support type based on this.
- Other aspects of using this library.

Some of the queries raised above might seems silly from this non storage guy :)