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HP MSL G3 4048 Default Control Panel Password

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HP MSL G3 4048 Default Control Panel Password

I've just been put in charge of an HP storage unit and don't know the login password for the Control panel of the actual device. Is there an engineer/default password?

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: HP MSL G3 4048 Default Control Panel Password

From the product docs:

Administrator password
NOTE: By default, the administrator password is unset; all of the digits are null. You must set the administrator password from the OCP to protect the administrator functions on the OCP and enable the administrator functions in the RMI.
The administrator password grants access to all OCP functions except HP Service . A user without knowledge of the administrator password can access:

* Info: Status, Identity, Inventory
* Configuration: Network, Display Contrast
* Operations: Open Mailslots, Inventory and Enable Password locks

All other Configuration , Operations , and Support options are locked.
After five minutes of inactivity, the OCP returns to the splash screen. To access password-protected tasks, you must re-enter the administrator password.
The administrator password is originally null. HP strongly recommends assigning a password during the installation process. You will not be able to access the administrator functions of the Tape Library from the remote management interface (RMI) until the administrator password is set.
Screens that require entry of a password are indicated by a padlock icon on the menu list and prompt the user to enter the password before allowing access to the restricted screens. Once entered, the administrator password does not need to be entered a second time unless there is no user activity for five minutes or unless the password locks are re-enabled.
Passwords must be exactly eight digits consisting of the numbers 0 through 9.
To enter a password when prompted, perform the following steps:

1. The left most digit of the password will be highlighted; each non-highlighted digit will appear as an X . Use the Up and Down buttons until the correct digit is displayed. Use the Left and Right buttons to select the other digits and use the Up and Down buttons to alter the values.
2. Press OK to submit the password. The screen continues to the restricted area.

NOTE: If you forget the administrator password, you cannot enter a new password. You must call a customer service representative.


Although... I'd thought that a newer version of the firmware had the administrator password set to all zeros. You can always try that if the above doesn't work.
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