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HP Storageworks Ultrium 460 (Q1520A) - Noisy Cooling Fans

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HP Storageworks Ultrium 460 (Q1520A) - Noisy Cooling Fans

 We recently purchased a new server to replace our ageing, and noisy Dell PowerEdge.


The new server is so quiet that we re-located it in the office, so we don't have to go out to the Coal House to change backup tapes!


However, when we came to install our LTO-2 internal drive it was too deep, so I purchased a pre-owned external HP Storageworks 460 external tape drive to do the job.


It seems to work OK, but sounds more like a vacuum cleaner than a tape drive, and certainly won't be tolerated for long in the office. Worse still, it makes the noise 24/7, and not just when it is backing up after midnight.

Following complains I tried using a timer switch so that it only worked when needed; but of course the server doesn't see the drive if it isn't powered up before the server boots up. :(


I am reluctant to move the new equipment back out into the Coal House, but the noise is unacceptable in an otherwise quiet office. We do have a new HP RDX system in the server, but we hold a lot of camera raw files and old reports on tape so we need to maintain this system.


Is there anything that can be done to silence this beast? Is there any driver control over the cooling fan or does it just run at full speed 24/7 regardless of whether or not it is actually needed?


Any advice welcome.

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Re: HP Storageworks Ultrium 460 (Q1520A) - Noisy Cooling Fans

This is an external tape drive, right?

Sounds like a bad fan?

Hope this helps!

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Re: HP Storageworks Ultrium 460 (Q1520A) - Noisy Cooling Fans

The fan runs smoothly enough, but it runs at full speed 24/7, and pushes a lot of air through. Is this normal, or should the fan speed change according to load and activity, etc?


Our internal drive has a small fan which makes a high pitched whine, but it only operates when the drive is working, not 24/7.