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HP SureStore 2/20 LTO-2 Tape Library

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HP SureStore 2/20 LTO-2 Tape Library

We are using Backup Exec for Windows Server 12.5 on Windows 2003 Server x64 SP1, and the Tape Library has 2 drives, drive 1 and the Changer are 1 SCSI Ultrawide320 controller and the 2nd drive is on a second SCSI Ultrawide320 controller by itself. The 2nd drive runs great, get about 1.2 GB/min speeds and backup runs fine. The 1st drive runs at about 160 MB/min and the backup eventually fails with a read/write error, I know it has something to do with the Changer being invloved but have not been able to find anything about how to correct the settings or configuration on how to overcome it. As for the cabling, the Changer (SCSI id 0) goes into drive 1 (SCSI id 1) which connects to the Adaptec Ultrawide320 controller. Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: HP SureStore 2/20 LTO-2 Tape Library

The terminator should be on the drive with the jumper cable going from the drive to the library controller and then the cable going from the library controller to the host.

If that doesn't solve your problem check and make certain you have the latest HBA drivers as there was a version that didn't handle different speed devices on the same bus.