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Re: HP SureStore 2/40 - LTO 3 Drive Error

New Member

HP SureStore 2/40 - LTO 3 Drive Error

Hi there,

I have got a problem. We got an old (June 2000 builddate) HP SureStore 4/40 from one of our customers. It has two DLT 8000 Tape drives which are quite old, too...
We had another customer who had an defect SUN C4 Tape library, where we got two brand new HP LTO3 tape drives. I now managed to unmount both old DLT tape drives and install the LTO 3 Tapes. (Same connectors etc).
The Library also identifies them right as Ultrium. We use Legato Networker 6.4 (quite old but good working though) to backup our internal IT stuff.
Because we don't have LTO3 tapes at the moment, is used LTO2 tapes to test the environment. The library shelf is a normal 2/20 with an extra shelf (called 4/40? I think so). It has 6x 5 DLT Cages and 2x 5 Ultrium cages in it.

The libraby can pick up tapes, put them in the drive and i also can label/mount the drives. The only problem i have is, that i cannot unload the tapes. I tried using software, manually from the front panel and also the emergency.
I get an error called 66,38 or so, which tells me that the roboter is unable to get the tape.

So the major thing is: In which way are the tapes beeing ejected actually? Are they ejected using an SCSI "eject" command (as CD-Rom drives i.e.) or is there a phyiscal "roboterhand" pressing the magic button in front of the drive?
The LTO 3 drives are also HP ones and have two small buttons in front:
1x for "reset"
1x for "eject"

When i insert a tape it rewinds it and mounts it. After that i press the "eject" button and the drives rewinds the tape a second time and unlocks it. Then i have to press the eject button 4 seconds until the ejection process begins.

I know that this is a really dirty hack to make an old library eating actual mediums... but it was for free, so emaybe on of you can help me.
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Re: HP SureStore 2/40 - LTO 3 Drive Error

Hi Michael:

The SureStore 2/40 library does not support Ultrium 960 tape drives. The SureStore 2/40 library only supports Ultrium 230 tape drives.

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Re: HP SureStore 2/40 - LTO 3 Drive Error

Hi Wong,
Thanks for your answer! In which way don't they support them? The cartriges fit, the drive fits... Through it is all the same like LTO1/2... My only problem is to get the tape ejected by the 2/40 (actually a 1/40). I also only have an old DLT drive for comparison with my LTO3. An that old DLT has a very, i don't know, strange kind of ejectmechanism. It is not electronically like the of of my LTO 3 drive...
Isn't it possible to send the eject-command using SCSI bus?
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Re: HP SureStore 2/40 - LTO 3 Drive Error

Hi again - cleaned the drive using the library (also recalibrate and check inventory). So the tape is stuck again...

But i checked the Hard Error Message:
Code 66, Qualifier 38
Sequence 133,134,54,53,124,125

Mabye someone can translate that for me?
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Re: HP SureStore 2/40 - LTO 3 Drive Error

If you converted DLT drive cans to LTO drive cans you did not have the correct interconnect cable from the can board to the drive. You also might not have a compatable drive firmware revision. It can work because I have seen this product for sale on Ebay. But it is not supported.