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HP tape libraries management software functionality ...

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HP tape libraries management software functionality ...



We need to integrate a tape library with 3rd party storage management system. We believe that HP StorageWorks MSL tape libraries may be a very interesting solution, unfortunately we have problem to evaluate if the software coming with the library provide the functionality needed by the storage manager. Following the storage manager support it requires:

Software you need to support a tape system: We only support intelligent tape systems (DMF,TSM,HPSS). We can not drive tape libraries directly.

Some details :
What is done if we want to flush a file to tape is essentially to call a script which you would have to provide. The arguments are the local filename and some more parameters (storage class etc). It's up to the script to move the file to the tape system. After the copy has been successfully done, the script is assumed to return an identifier of the file with which the file can be retrieved from the system or be removed. So if we need the file back from tape, another scipt is called with the identifier and a filename and the script has to get the file back from tape and store it locally with the provided filename. Similar with 'remove'.


I will very appreciate if somebody can direct me to the where I can get information allowing to answer the above question. The issue is that the question is too technical for most of the sales people we speak with and we have no contact to technical people able to answer this question.


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Robert Harakaly