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HP U320e MSL2024 Problem


HP U320e MSL2024 Problem

Hi Experts!

I've built an HP U320e HBA (identical to ATTO 5 ULD LP) into an DL160 G5 server (W2k3) and attached my MSL 2024.

Problem: I see only the tape drive, that doesn't manage the library.

The other channel reports an error:
I/O Device error 0x45d

The System log says:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: express2
Event Category: None
Event ID: 57352
Adapter Number 1.
Doorbell Command Error (0x0008).
Command failed.
Doorbell Command is 0x42.
MPI Function is 0x0002 MPI_FUNC_IOC_INIT.

I've tried both devices on both channels, new firmware, changed some controller settings - it does not work :-(

When i enter the hba bios at boot time, all devices are displayed!

Can anyone help me?

Honored Contributor

Re: HP U320e MSL2024 Problem

Have you enabled the LUN support in the HBA BIOS?

Have you tryed to assign the controller of the MSL to the second drive and verified you got the same problem?

Have you run LTT diagnostic tool in order to get some infos?

Are you sure cables and terminators are good?

Re: HP U320e MSL2024 Problem

OK, i assigned the changer-LUN to the second drive - changer appeared and worked.

The other drive still was not recognized. I changed the SCSI-ID - now it worked too.
Then I changed everything back --- and it still works!

I hate voodoo! What's next? Feng shui for datacenters?

THANKS for your help!

Re: HP U320e MSL2024 Problem

I've checked what Marino Meloni told me. Now it works.