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HP Ultrium drive failing again

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HP Ultrium drive failing again

I have had 3 replacements for an ultrium drive, and the same thing is happening again.

please can i arrange for a replacement to be sent out.

i have tried rebooting the server to which this external drive is connected, cleaning the drive, updating the firmware and running the L&TT tests.

using the L&TT software i have generated the attached files for your information.

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Re: HP Ultrium drive failing again

Thankyou for attaching the LTT information. It tells us all we need to know about the drive.

The ticket shows a drive with 218 days of use so it's a bit odd that this is a replacement. How long ago was it replaced?

It sure is in a bad way though with poor error rate fairly equally on all of its heads. This is a sign of a drive operating in a dirty environment such as on the floor, by a walkway, near construction or even near printers. If this has happened to three drives, especially after a period of normal operation then I'd strongly suggest to check your environment.

If you're still within the warranty period you should still be able to get another drive. This one is less than a year old but if you've had three, the time might be adding up.

You'll need to contact HP support directly for that.
It's more interesting when it's gone wrong
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Re: HP Ultrium drive failing again

That is odd! the drive was replaced a few months ago, maybe 4, but certainly less than 6.
it was interesting to read your comment about the environment that the drive is used in.
However, if this is the problem there is not much that can be done, as there is a requirement to have a retrieval system in this area.

i have submitted a support case on the Support site so hopefully will get the drive swapped out.

regards and thanks for your reply.