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IO error with LTO4 drives

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IO error with LTO4 drives


I have a backup server running SLES10 SP4. It is connected to 4 LTO2 scsi drives and 2 LTO4 scsi, which are all part of a StorageTek SL500.

When booting this server, I've got scsi warning and errors and LTO4 drives are not usable, I get an io errors . I have to use the command "mt -f /dev/tape rewind" to "enable" them.


Server : HP ML370

Host Bus Adapter : HP SC11Xe


Do you know how can i fix this issue ?

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Thank you

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Re: IO error with LTO4 drives

Even HP has a very similar library (EML) you should ask StorageTek/SUN/Oracle for help. Could be a connection, hardware or firmware issue.

Hope this helps!

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Re: IO error with LTO4 drives

Thanks for your answer.


The library is from Oracle and the drives are rebranded Oracle but are actually made by HP.
 That's why I asked my question here.


I changed the SCSI cables and also tried another hba ... but without success.