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L&TT tool unable to detect the tape drive

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L&TT tool unable to detect the tape drive

1.L&TT v4.8 tool running on Windows Storage server 2003 R2 unable to detect the LTO-4 Ultrium 1760 SAS External Tape Drive although it can be seen in device manager.

Hence unable to generate Support Ticket.

Tried disabling/enabling the drive,restarting the DPX services but issue persists.

There are no STORport drivers.SAS interface.

2.There is no Windows Storage server 2003 OS option on L&TT download page.

So is normal 2K3 server version is compatible with Storage Server 2K3.

Please suggests.
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Re: L&TT tool unable to detect the tape drive

Hi Abdul,

Would it be possible to attach the EventLog.ltt (HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools\logs folder)?

You may need to install MS hot-fix KB945119 for LTT to detect the drive.

All non-sp2 systems running applications other than Tivoli require updated Storport.sys KB891793 (minimum) or KB916048 (recommended); systems running Tivoli require Storport.sys KB901371. All sp2 systems are required to run Storport.sys KB945119.

L&TT Team
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Re: L&TT tool unable to detect the tape drive

Thanks alot Satya, after installation of hotfix, issue resolved now,customer is able to perform all the activity so far.

Thanks again for your help.