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Re: L&TT wont install

Occasional Contributor

L&TT wont install

The last two verions of L&TT wont install. It starts the install process and toward the end of copying files, it rolls everything back and report the installation was interrupted, install at a latter time. The older system is running Win2K3 SP2 x86, the newer system is Win2K3 SP2 x64.

First I thought it was because we are using STORPORT but the 4.5 version documentation states STORPORT is supported. Is there any logs I can look at? MSIInstaller just notes the install failed. Any ideas why this won't install?



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Valued Contributor

Re: L&TT wont install

HI Bruce,

I am sure you checked whether there is enough space to install L&TT on the disk and that there are no Data Execution Prevention issues on the system ? (this sometimes bites when installing remotely).

The alternative would be to try and see if HP L&TT runs from USB/CDROM as described in the manual:

I am not sure about what log files are available to troubleshoot the issue. You may want to ask the developers via:

hope this brings light into in the dark.

Kind regards,
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Re: L&TT wont install

When I tried to install from the local drive and from the USB I watched the progress carefully (both ways failed). It was failing while registering components. We have a pretty tight group policy, so I removed the machine from the domain so that the GP was removed. Installation succeeded after that. Thanks for the assitance.