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Leer cintas dds-3 con unidad DAT72

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Leer cintas dds-3 con unidad DAT72

Hola, me gustaría saber si es posible leer cintas dds-3 desde una unidad dat72.

Al intentar importarla me dice que no está formateada o que está vacía.

El problema es que la unidad dss-3 se tiróa hace tiempo y ahora necesito recuperar unos datos de unas cintas muy antiguas y tengo una unidad mas moderna.
No se si habrá alguna forma o instalando algún driver adicional.

Muchas gracias.
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Re: Leer cintas dds-3 con unidad DAT72

Hi iqqarcia,

Could you please re-post your question here in English? This will help everybody in the Forum understand the discussion and allow them to participate as well.

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Re: Leer cintas dds-3 con unidad DAT72

Hello, I wonder if it is possible to read DDS-3 from a DAT72 drive.

When you try to import it tells me that is not formatted or is empty.

The problem is that the unit dss-3 was pulled some time ago and now I need to recover some data from a very old tapes and I have a more modern unit.
Do not know if there will be some form or installing any additional driver.

Thank you very much.
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Re: Leer cintas dds-3 con unidad DAT72

HP shows DAT-72 as having read capability for DDS-3 tapes at .

Are you using the same backup application as before?
Have you imported or cataloged the tape so that the backup application knows what is on it?

There is no special driver to enable backwards read capability; it is an inherent function of the drive. While tape is a very long-lived medium, it is possible that the tape has been damaged over time due to the environment.

I would test your DAT-72 drive to make sure it can write and read DAT-72 tapes. If so, with the same application as wrote data originally, you should be able to read that data. If you are not sure which application you used, the native NTBackup utility and HP's Data Protector Express are two that you should try. It is probably possible to try a variety of backup applications, as most have a 30- or 60-day free trial... but you will need to be sure to uninstall one completely before you install the next one!
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