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Library patly available (amber light)

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Library patly available (amber light)

Hi Guys,

I have a HP Sure Store E library 6/60. In the front panel it is showing amber light saying Library partly available with the following error
Drive firmware mistach & Drive not on Fibre channel.

Under the library information under hard errorlog " Transport umbilical cable missing or faulty.n

Hard error
The error reads
Level measured does not match level detected an over force failed rezero
code 25 Qualifier 2 sequence 2,4,12,8,5,2

Soft error

The transport list power failed rezero code 0 qualifier 89 sequence 54 144,145,106

Under Drive info
drive 1 to 3 give the following error message
Serial number change and media identity source slot unknown.

Drive 4 eventlog shows firware update identity source slot unknown
How do i connect and update the firmware of Library?

I am using omnibacck II for backup to the library. How do i upgrade the firmware of the library. How do i bring my library to readyness? My major concerns are the Hard error and soft error.

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Re: Library patly available (amber light)

Regarding the firmware see your other thread:

Hope this helps!

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