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LTFS blue screen Windows 2016 - need help

New Member

LTFS blue screen Windows 2016 - need help

we use the HPE StoreOpen Software (LTFS) on Windows 2016. Mounting, formatting works fine.

Writing works well for a while, but then we always get a blue screen. Looks like its related to the amount of data written.

We copy file by using robocopy to the mounted tape (ltfs mount).


Can somebody help?


Windows 2016 - Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.14393]

HPE StoreOpen Software 3.4.2 WINx64 from HPE homepage

blue screen details

REFERENCE_BY_POINTER 0x00000018 00000000`00000000 ffff910c`55b955a0 00000000`00000007 00000000`fffffff

UMFSDK.sys UMFSDK.sys+5f352 UMFSDK.sys

OSR User Mode FSDK Driver OSR Open Systems Resources, Inc. V01.00.04.00 x64

ntoskrnl.exe+15c950 dumpfile.dmp 16 15 14393 1.365.500


Re: LTFS blue screen Windows 2016 - need help

With new naming terminology LTFS = StoreOpen

Make sure you are using latest StoeOpen Software version : 3.4.2 ( )

Try to open / run  the StoreOpen software with Administrator access .

Make sure HBA is running with latest Driver version.

StoreOpen Software can be used that can connect to a tape drive via a supported HBA or a Thunderbolt to SASconverter

The following adapters and converters have been tested

ATTO H644, H680 (Host Bus Adapter)

ATTO Thunder Link SH1068/SH2068 (Thunderbolt to SAS converter)

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