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LTO 1760 SAS drive doesn't suck the tape


LTO 1760 SAS drive doesn't suck the tape



I have a problem with my HP LTO-4 Ultrium 1760 SAS Internal WW Tape Drive.

When I want to insert a new tape, the Drive doesn't suck it in. Normaly when i insert the tape, i just need to push a little more than half in, and then the drive sucks it in, but not now.


If I try and push the tape more in, it gets in all the way, but the drive doesn't recognize it. It also gets ejected only when i shut down the pc, and after startup it get ejected.


How can i proceed?





Re: LTO 1760 SAS drive doesn't suck the tape

Request you to run the “Drive Assessment Test” for this tape drive and send me the result file for analysis. Please find the procedure,


Action Plan


1>   Take backup and delete or rename the old “resultlog.ltt” file from the location “C:\Program Files\HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools\logs directory.”

2>   Open L&TT tool, select Hardware Scan & NT Miniport & click on continue. After the scan is complete, click on "by product" tab.

3>   Highlight the affected Library & click on "test" button on top. Select the checkbox next to the Drive and then run the following tests :-

Drive Assessment Test


Note:- Please use a new blank tape cartridge as the Drive Assessment test is a destructive test and will delete any of the data on the tape cartridge.


Please send me the resultlog.ltt file from the C:\Program Files\HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools\logs directory.


Also send me the L&TT Support Ticket for the tape drive. Procedure as below,


1. Download the latest version of L&TT software from here:

2. Once installed, it should scan for the Library and all the drives

3. Select a device in the device list (By Product)

4. Click Support on the main toolbar.

5. Click Extract Device Data to generate the report or support ticket.

6. After extracting the device data for the first time, the Extract Device Data button text changes to Refresh Device Data.

NOTE: You should refresh the device data whenever a change is made to the device that can affect the support ticket, such as running a test or loading/unloading a cartridge.

7. After extracting (or refreshing) the device data,choose the option "Save Support Ticket"


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Re: LTO 1760 SAS drive doesn't suck the tape



Please find both filles attached in zip file. The test is interupted immediately, as the drive says there is no tape in the drive.


Re: LTO 1760 SAS drive doesn't suck the tape



From the logs I can see that the motor may have have gone bad:


000:09:30.27                        47/40              0x767b miPreloadingDeslackingTimeOut (Deslacking process did not complete. Most likely due to back reel motor failing to rotate.)


Appreciate if you call HP and ask for a replacement if the drive is in warranty.



Rajat Bhargava

I am an HPE Employee