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LTO 4 Tapes in a Ultrium 1760

New Member

LTO 4 Tapes in a Ultrium 1760

Hi, had a HP LTO 3 tape drive, it died. So went and bough a HP Ultrium 1760 LTO 4 Tape drive (internal SCSI).  Been using the LTO 3 tapes ok with no issues. Bought some LTO 4 tapes (HP Brand) and the drive craps itself with read\write errors when I try to backup with them. Tried 4 different tapes, all new, and just to top it all off now I go back to the LTO 3 tapes and they won't load anymore, the far right led on the drive just blinks constantly as if it's doing something!


EDIT: FYI I have the latest firmware and drivers.


Any ideas?


Cheers, Darren.

Honored Contributor

Re: LTO 4 Tapes in a Ultrium 1760

Hey, check out HP's Library and Tape Tools. With it you can diagnose and test the tape drive.


Cleaned it?