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LTO-6 6250

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LTO-6 6250

I would like to purchase HP StoreEver LTO-6 Ultrium 6250 SAS External Tape Drive

More over our all of servers are in Dell Brand . is it compatible with Dell Machine ?

which type SAS card support for LTO-6 Tape Drive

•All server backup will be stored on local computer which high storage HDD capacity machine . once finished all backup it will move to Tape.
•Briefly , we are planning to configure the LTO tape with Local Machine

LTO-6 , is it work with windows 7 plat form?


Re: LTO-6 6250

Yes that drive is completely compatible with a Dell system and Windows 7.  For that configuration an LSI SAS HBA would be a good choice.  HPE qualifies LSI controllers for use in some HPE systems so they get quite a bit of testing.  There are other controllers, that is just the easy one to pick out from the HPE qualification matrix.


I work for HPE

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