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LTO-6 Ultrium C7976A Compressed and Native Data

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LTO-6 Ultrium C7976A Compressed and Native Data


I am using the data cartridge LTO-6 with 6.25 TB to backup my data located on a 3-PAR and an HP autolader G2. My question here how to acheive the full use of the cartridge (6.25 TB) as I am only obtaining less than 3TB of data.

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Re: LTO-6 Ultrium C7976A Compressed and Native Data

LTO-6 has a native capacity of 2.5TB and a *marketing* value of compressed data of 6.25TB.

This marketing value assumes the data can be compressed very well.

But if your data is not compressable (e.g. pictures, videos, binary data, etc.) you have to work with the native capacity.


It is just like to try to zip a JPG file - the result may be larger than the original because it is highly compressed data already.


Hope this helps!

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