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LTO internal drive ,heat damage?

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LTO internal drive ,heat damage?


When using SAS interface LTO internal drive,it  generate enormous heat 
I am afraid that heat generated by LTO device can  cause to damage LTO hardware or tape media.
Are  there any cases where LTO internal drives (or tape) are  broken by heat?
Can the LTO internal drive fail due to heat?

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Re: LTO internal drive ,heat damage?

There are cases where tape drives and media are damanaged by heat.  The tape media in particular is sensitive to heat and at high enough temperatures permanent damage occurs whether the drive is on or not.  All HPE tape drives have temperature sensors and automatic thermal shutdown to attempt to prevent heat damage but tape drives and media should always be used in a controlled environment where overtemperature is unlikely.  When the drives detect too high of a temperature they will automatically shut down all motors and interfaces removing that heat so as long as the ambient air isn't too hot no damage should occur.

Standalone LTO tape drives should not be used without proper forced air cooling (a fan).

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Re: LTO internal drive ,heat damage?

I second what Chris said but want to add that in addition to forced air you might consider doing a couple other things to ensure it stays cool. A. Better Ventilation.  B. Making sure you use high density small diameter cables and connectors in the unit to ensure there is adequate space for that important air ventilation. 

Cooling the unit is SUPER important. Take every step you can to make sure it's of optimal temp at all times.