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Re: LTT Tool - Firmware download broken?

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Re: LTT Tool - Firmware download broken?

I went ahead and downloaded a new ltt tool. Same problem persists (log attached).

For yet another data point, I downloaded the previous version of the tool. Also fails in the same manner. Then, I tried yet a third system (running SuSE 10.1) - same failure.

So, this is SuSE 10, 10.1 and RedHat 8.0 that all fail with an unspecified error on firmware download.

Something is fundamentally broken here, and (per my previous note) I'm beginning to suspect that it does not recognize my drive as being a supported unit. That said, all the test functions work perfectly.

I look forward to a solution.

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Re: LTT Tool - Firmware download broken?

As we continue to investigate your problem with getting files from the web with LTT, I thought I would pass along a link to the V109 firmware for your drive.



Re: LTT Tool - Firmware download broken?

Many thanks! That has me up and running with the new firmware. I'd still be glad to work with you on getting to the root cause of the download problems.

I actually was able to grab the firmware from one of the "problem" machines (using wget).
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Re: LTT Tool - Firmware download broken?

The LTT 4.7 download function doesn't work with the SUSE LINUX 10.1 (i586) we are running here.

The library is a MSL5026 with a pair of SDLT1 drives.

However, thanks to the link we were able to download the firmware manually.