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Mac compatability

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Mac compatability

Hi, our company is looking to re-purpose a Compaq StorageWorks MSL5026 SDLT Tape Library. Does anyone know, are these units compatible with Apple products?

Specifically, we're looking to attach it to an Xserve with OS 10.4.11 Server and Retrospect 8 backup software.
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Re: Mac compatability

I don't see mention of OS X in the EBS compatibility matrix, which is normally where I'd point someone ( ).

In this case, I'd look ot Retrospect and see if it lists the MSL 5000 family as a supported device under your operating system. If so, you should be good. If not, you can always try it and see. The challenge may be in finding the low-level drivers for the library. I don't see Mac drivers listed on the HP site.
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