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Media Changer not found: StorageWorks 448

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Media Changer not found: StorageWorks 448


Library Hardware: HP StorageWorks 1/8 Ultrium 448 Tape Autoloader Library.
Server Hardware: HP G2 DL760 with w2k3 32Bit OS.
Backup Software: TSM

The Problem is that the Device Manager can't found the Library, no Media Changer appears.
The Drive is installed and in use.

Can you Help me ?!

Joshua Uhl
Trusted Contributor

Re: Media Changer not found: StorageWorks 448

Hello Joshua,

Check to see if the device manager detects the medium changer. Ensure the autoloader is set to Random mode so TSM has control over the Changer. Is the autoloader changer and drive, both seen during POST ?

As per the compatibility matrices for Server >> HBA >> Autoloader :: Following are the adapters that could be used ::
412911-B21 - SC11Xe Host Bus Adapter
AH627A - HP StorageWorks U320e SCSI Dual Channel Host Bus Adapter.

The recommended drivers for this autoloader are Tivoli Drivers. ( Latest 6.1, Minimum 5.4).
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Re: Media Changer not found: StorageWorks 448

Where did you connect the SCSI cable? A RAID controller will not support a library!

Hope this helps!

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