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Re: MLS6000 Drive Fails LTT Assessment

New Member

MLS6000 Drive Fails LTT Assessment


Our backups (Netbackup 6.5, windows 2003) have been failing and I've noticed that the drive is showing as down. When I look at the MLS6000 I see error 8003. I can't manually load a tape either as it returns 8003 after a while.

I used LTT to run a drive assessment and it failed saying "contact support". I'm guessing that it's as dead as can be then?


Re: MLS6000 Drive Fails LTT Assessment

I just had your issue.

Problem: Tapes were filling at 280GB instead of 400GB

Assessment tests fail.

I was lucky that my drive was under its 3 year warranty. HP support sent me a new drive over night. New drive fixed the issue.