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MSL 2024 - Adding 2nd Tape Head breaks system

New Member

MSL 2024 - Adding 2nd Tape Head breaks system



I've added a 2nd LTO-4 drive to my MSL 2024 Library and it turned into an archeological journey to SCSI dimension...

I have a 39320A scsi 2 channel card bought originally with my Dell 2950 II server.

All was working fine for at least 4 years now, using one tape, in my CA Brightsor installation.


After adding second drive (and upgrading system to Win 2008 R2 because I wanted to use D2D) my system is havoc.

I only see one tape in "Tape Drives" and in CA Device pan. I DO see the library and tapes inside but only one drive..


The Adaptec bios detects 2 drives, one on each channel on IDs 4 and 5.


Now some weird behavior - Clicking "Check for Hardware Changes" in device manager and some random action in LTT manager yield frozen system / crashes.


Please instruct me how to configure the system to use 2 tape heads in the MSL 2024 library.





Re: MSL 2024 - Adding 2nd Tape Head breaks system

Don't know if it's helpful but this is in the user guide;

The library requires an HBA that supports multiple LUNs. If multiple LUN support is not enabled, the host computer cannot scan beyond LUN 0 to discover the library. It just sees the tape drive.

Parallel SCSI HP Smart Array controllers, RAID controllers, and most on-board HBAs do not support multiple LUNs