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MSL 2024 - Error Tape

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MSL 2024 - Error Tape

Hi to all. I have a problem. I have a MSL 2024 tape with inside 24 HP tapes Lto4. When I try to charge one tape in the driver1, the tape library, after a bit of time, give me en error: Media error. In the mail log I can read:

11.04.28 14:42:34.03 Attention: Crit or Warn Drive Tape Alert flag
Number: 0x15, 21
Drive number: 0x01, 1
Tape Alert Flag: 0x04, 4

and also:

11.04.28 14:42:48.03 Library Error - ME: invalid cartridge
Global error code: 0x63, 99
Module error code: 0x00, 0
Current command: 0x17 - phy move
Task originator: 0x0F - rmu
From: 0x02 - storage slot
Number: 0x16, 22
To: 0x04 - tape drive
Number: 0x01, 1

I try to clean the driver1 but nothing.
Thank you
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Re: MSL 2024 - Error Tape

You should install LTT and pull a support ticket.

Hope this helps!

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