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MSL 2024 SCSI / Robot issue

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MSL 2024 SCSI / Robot issue

This forum is great. I've gone through, but not found my problem. My library has a history of sporadic and fickle performance, but that's not to rule out a PICNIC source.
At this moment, I can run inventory robot (but often get 201 error in NetBackup). I pass the Tests and Utility tool in LTT and DevPerf shows a decent speed. But still I am unable to run backups, as the device is stuck in down drive position. When I run Diagnostic tool on Robotics it fails Robot Initialize (Details: Call scsi initialize for the robot) and it fails Robot error checking.
I have updated the firmware, reseated and checked SCSI connection for bent pins.
Is this a simple configuration aspect I have overlooked, or can you spot a true mechanical error? This library has a history of "9B 37 Robotic Failure" warning on the LED.


Please find attached a support ticket. Note the HP Event Logs section.
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Re: MSL 2024 SCSI / Robot issue

Error 9B - Sled sensor not found

Description Sled (the part of the robotics assembly that moves the robot towards the OCP or back towards the drive) sensor not found
Solution Run the Wellness Test (From the 2-line front panel, select Support -> Run Wellness Test. From the GUI front panel, select Support -> Tests -> Wellness Test.)

If the test fails then chassis needs to be replaced.

Pablo Alvarado Siles
Pablo Alv Siles
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Re: MSL 2024 SCSI / Robot issue

Thank you for the advice.

Ran wellness test, and it shows
Cycle Rec. Err.
10 0 from this info I gather the issue is not with the sled.

Get this, when I power cycle the server and library, I can run inventory robot. If I move a tape remotely (successfully) then run inventory robot again, I get error 201 in NetBackup. What could cause that?

I continue to get above mentioned errors in Robot Diagnostics. When I run diagnostics on Drives in Netbackup I fail every test.