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MSL 4048 SCSI LTO-3 firmware issues

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MSL 4048 SCSI LTO-3 firmware issues

I updated the library firmware in our MSL4048 from 6.90 to 7.7, the firmware on the LTO3 drives was already at G63W.  We use Backup Exec 12.5 on a Win 2008 R2 server.  Backup Exec sees the library and the drives ok, but when I try to run a backup job, the back up will cancel within 10 minutes and give a generic error, 0xe00084f4, "Storage device LTO3 reported an error on a request to write data to media.  Adevice attached to the system is not functioning."  The tape tape used during the backup job are marked "Not appendable (End marker unreadable)".  Everything ran fine before the firmware update to the library.  Is there a way to back revision the Library to firmware 6.9?

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Re: MSL 4048 SCSI LTO-3 firmware issues

It is very interesting that the component that is complaining is the component that was not upgraded at all.

Do you have visual confirmation that a tape is actually loaded into the drive ?


If yes,  test the tape/drive with HP Library and Tape Tools

if no, likely there is a logical configuration issue inside BEX. I would remove the library configuration from BEX and re-install it so that BEX is aware of the new settings/firmware etc. Some device links inside Windows are based on Query string + firmware level. A change of firmware level may have broken some linkages.


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