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Re: MSL 5000 Tape Libruary - Tape struck

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MSL 5000 Tape Libruary - Tape struck

Hi All,

I have MSL 5000 series on HP-UX 11.11 server, But still not in use due to license issues.

*I would like to know for "three tape slots" what type of license required and its approx amount for life-time licensing.

*One of a tape struck inside the tape drive , Can i take-out the tape drive from back panel and open the tap-drive to take the tape out. #Check enclosed pics of a tape-drive#

*If tape-drive need to be removed what precautions i do need to take like taking care of sensors ,

* or Just shutdown the tape-library and pull the tape drive etc.... is enough.

I appreciate all for their valuable input.
Have a nice day to all.........

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Re: MSL 5000 Tape Libruary - Tape struck

The license - depends on the backup application you are using.

stuck tape can be removed by following method.
01. Cycle power to the library or reboot using the GUI
touch screen, and retry unloading the tape from the
library GUI touch screen, the Remote Management
Interface, or the host application software.
02. Ensure the host application software is not reserving
the slot or drive. The software needs to cancel the
reservation. If necessary, disconnect from the host,
power cycle, and unload the drive.

If both the above method fails, it will need intervention of HP Tech support

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Re: MSL 5000 Tape Libruary - Tape struck


The stuck tape unable to un-load ,even the DP services stopped from management server. Iam planning to take-out the tape-drive and release the tape.

About licensing iam using Data-Protector and the MSL 5000 has 3-tape cartridge slots which i wanted to use for backup HP-UX servers (DB & Application).

What kind of full license required for this scenario.

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Re: MSL 5000 Tape Libruary - Tape struck

Sometimes a power cycle of the library helps in order to remove a stuck tape.

If not, consider to remove it manually.

Hope this helps!

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