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MSL 600 error

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MSL 600 error

Dear All,

Im getting the following error in MSL 6000 library

Fault code 200F
Removal prevented

Please suggest me some ideas to understand this problem

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Re: MSL 600 error


From the MSL6000 User Guide:

Removal Prevented
(Receive medium prevent removal from
drive for a fetch.)

â ¢ Attempt to unload drive from software. If
fails, power off unit, disconnect from SCSI
bus, and retry operation.
â ¢ Invalid host initiated operation. Check
that application is certified to work with
your library and has up-to-date patches.
â ¢ Invalid user initiated operation. Select
parameters correctly and try again.
â ¢ Check for firmware tape in drive.
â ¢ Check for cleaning tape in drive.
â ¢ Press the Enter button to clear the message.

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Re: MSL 600 error

Most of the time, when you get this error is because there was a communication error between the library and the host that was managing that unit.
this often occur in multiiniziator environment (SAN).
what happens is that a host that see the tape drive and should use it, issue first a "Reserve" SCSI command, that prevent any other host to access this drive while on use by the owner.
when the owner have finished, that host will issue a "Release" command.
if another host try to send any command when the "reserve" is set, this will end up with an error.
the problem may also occurs when a link is broken between the original host, and the tape drive, and then the "Reserve" flag stay there without the possibility to clear is, and any attempt to eject the tape will end up with a "Removal prevented" Also W2K3 System can get ownership of the drive via RMS, and prevent any other host to access the drive. this is why RSM should be disabled on Host that are in SAN or that use a backup application that is not NTBackup.
There is an option in LTT, that allow you to reset that flag without having to powercycle the drive.