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MSL 6030 and intermittent SCSI adapter failure

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MSL 6030 and intermittent SCSI adapter failure

Dear All,
I have recently added a second LTO 4 drive two the new Library and my Backup software TSM 5.5.1 provides the error above from time to time.

The cabling is ok and replaced. Drive 0 is attached to the library controller and connected to Port 1 of the HBA HP 64-BIT/133 Mhz PCI-X 2 CH Ultra 320.
Drive 1 goes directly to Port 2 of the HBA. All the Firmware is up-to-date. (B45W for drives). It is running on a MS server 2003 SP2 , Dev driver shows
storport for the SCSI controller with a date of 4/2007, seems also to be good, but I did not understand the difference from driver (B) to (c)on the HP site.

Running the HP LTT 4.6 Assessment test is ok, also running the read/write test (68 MB/sec) when I choose one drive after the other.
But when I run the Read/write test and both drives are checked at the same time the result is a failure.

Anybody who knows how to proceed.
your help is higly appreciated
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Re: MSL 6030 and intermittent SCSI adapter failure

please attach a suppport ticket

Pablo Alvarado Siles
Pablo Alv Siles