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MSL 6030 replace LTO-2 460 with LTO-4 1840

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MSL 6030 replace LTO-2 460 with LTO-4 1840


Have an old HP MSL 6030 library that has a LTO-2 460 and a FC 2Gbps controller card (271666-001).  Dont use the FC connection today, but SCSI only.

Got a refurbished LTO-4 1840 with supported spare part number, but it came without the tray. Took out the old LTO-2 drive and replaced it with the new LTO-4 by put this in the old tray. All jumpers were the same and cables fitted so it should be a no brainer or what?

Before the swap i checked the firmware was updated and selected replace drive in the front meny, before shutting down the libray. Then started again it came up with a warning it couldnt find a drive. In tape tools the old drive still shows up, but in Windows device manager the new LTO-4 drive is deteced (still using SCSI). Tried routing all through the FC controller, but still same message on the Library.

Do i have to get a 4Gbps FC controller card? I know the SCSI or 2Gbps FC would be saturated, but then looking in old documetation the MSL 6030 could be ordered in SCSI only or with a 4Gbps FC controller. The SCSI controller card seems to be the same through all models so i thought this should work. Any suggestions? 


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Re: MSL 6030 replace LTO-2 460 with LTO-4 1840

you could try to reset the library to factory defaults. then configure your values again. the 2gbit fc card is likely too slow, but should work.

Hope this helps!

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