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MSL 6060 Problem

Occasional Contributor

MSL 6060 Problem

Hi! I have MSL6060 with error
3303 Shuttle not attached to cable.

Any ideas?

What is the shuttle? all cables are ok.

Respected Contributor

Re: MSL 6060 Problem

I believe that message is referring to the robotic assembly. The service guide suggests
rebooting the library through front panel.
If that does not clear up the problem and the
unit is under a service contract, best to call
HP and have a tech take a look at it. If it's
not under a service contract, there is, of course, potential risk, but it's possible to power down the library, remove all power cords from the system, remove the top of the unit, and check to see if the cables connecting the robot to its controller are securely connected and do not have any visible damage.

Do be careful to keep the tiny bolts
straight; if I remmeber correctly, there
are two very similar sizes, and you don't
want to put the big one in the small hole.
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Occasional Contributor

Re: MSL 6060 Problem

All cables are ok. The library is already opened :)

I wish to know, what component is brocken :)
Trusted Contributor

Re: MSL 6060 Problem

Hi Nik,

Looks like the Cables of the Robotic assembly is not connected or is brocken. Check the cables used to connect the Schuttle assembly in the library.
If the library is under support contract, please contact HP support

Hope this helps



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