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MSL LTO-3 Drive Errors

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MSL LTO-3 Drive Errors

We have a MSL-6060 Library with a MSL 6030 Unit attached giving us a total of 6 drives. Everything worked great until we upgraded all 3 NSR-1200 160 to NSR-1200 320 this week. After the upgrade one of our drives began giving the Error "Cannot write to device ([1117] The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error. )" in Data PRotector.

I pulled the new NSR that attached to this drive out and put the old one back in and had no errors.

I replaced the suspect NSR-1200 320 and still receive the errors. I swapped 2 drives around and the error follows the errored drive, so in my opinion the drive has problems.

Any suggestions? All Firmware is up to date.

Thanks :)
Valued Contributor

Re: MSL LTO-3 Drive Errors

Hi Darren,

Please post a ticket of the library, with the LTO Drive assessment test here. I have listed the steps below:-

Launch the Library & Tape tools software. In case you do not have the latest version of the Library & Tape Tools Version 4.7. I would request you to download the same from the following link and then collect the logs mentioned below.

To select and run a test or device-specific utility manually:
1. In the device listing (the By Product or By Connection tab), click the device to test.
2. Click Test to execute the listed tests.
3. Click the checkbox to the left of the name of the devices you want to test. Select all the drives and the Medium Changer. The Test Group menu lists all the tests available for the selected devices.
4. In the Test Group menu, select the LTO Drive assessment test. The Description text box describes the selected test.
5. If any options are available for the selected test, the Options button is enabled. Click the Options button to review and set the desired options. When you click an option the description of the option is shown.
6. Click the Start Test button to start the test.

Once the test is completed you will be able to see the results on the same window. Please click on Support Tab on the top and save the support ticket and send the logs to me.

Note â Please note that this test is a destructive test hence any data on the cartridge being used will be lost. Please use a known good cartridge.