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Re: MSL'S Error

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MSL'S Error

Hi all,

I have one configuration master-slave with with three MSL5052S2 and sometime can see the follow error in the master:

"Some modules have not been detected during the physical inventory.
Some possibles causes are:
a)A defective sensor opto sensor in the module.
b)The module is not properly attached to XpressChannel hardware.

please,any help would be welcome

Thanks in advance
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Re: MSL'S Error

The master detects the slaves by 2 methods:

1) over ethernet connection between the library controllers.

2) by "sensing" the boxes using the "elevator" (PTM). Maybe one of the sensors has a problem.

Hope this helps!

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Re: MSL'S Error

Hi Torsten,

The problem can be in the PTM sensor of master?
Several times only detect the first slave and all times no detect de second slave, I changed the second slave complete.

Over ethernet not problem.