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MSL2024: Left magazine detected having 3 mailslots instead of one

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MSL2024: Left magazine detected having 3 mailslots instead of one

Pulling out the magazine while the library is running, shows that the magazine sensor is working. A notification shows up in the display. I also tried to swap the left and right sensor, but this had no effect.

I have checked the left magazine for any sign of damage several times. It looks perfectly ok. All the lenses were inspected. The LEDs (for these lenses) on the sledge are cleaned. I also checked the cabinet for bends (thinking that the sledge lost its allignment), but this also looks fine.

It takes several minutes to initialize the library. The sled moves back and forth, trying to calibrate itself against the left magazine. When it's ready with the lowest row and start calibrating the mid row, it runs the recovery-procedure. The same thing happens when it moves up to the third row. It looks like it skips the coloumn nearest the front. The right magazine is allways scaned in seconds. Looks like it skips the calibration here.

The display often shows "Incompatible magazine" and sometimes "Wrong magazine".

I recently updated the firmware, hoping that this would help. It did, but just once. It worked perfecly right after the update process was done. The initialization and calibration went quicly, and the movements of the sledge behaved differntly. It looked like the library for some reason detected the magazine type correctly this time. After the next reboot, the library has misbehaved like before.

It looks like the mechanics is in good shape. It seems like a software related problem, though I may be wrong. Any ideas?

Some more info:

As I said, the calibration process on the left side take a long time. The new firmware shows the percentage of the scanning process. It takes several minutes to reach 50%. "UnlockMailslot.." and then "Close mailslot" now shows up in the display. Then the sledge starts scanning the right side, which take just some seconds. The percentage jumps quickly up to 88%. Then the sledge tuns back to the left side again, and spends several minutes trying to calibrate itself the second time. Eventually the 100% number is reached.

Is there anybody who knows how the library's firmware detects type of left magazine, one mailslot or three mailslots?