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MSL2024 Robotic failure 9B 3B


MSL2024 Robotic failure 9B 3B

Hi there.


My tape library MSL2024 failed recently, and after investigation it seems it has a problem with the left side magazine. It thinks there's an incompatible magazine loaded.


On the front panel display it shows Robotic failure Code: 9B 3B

In the web browser the error reads "HE: sled position not found, unable to locate magazine slot positions Code: 9B 3B"


At boot time, it shows in the front panel display 'incompatible magazine'.


Every time an inventory of tapes needs to be run, or it is ordered to load or unload a tape, the device takes ages to scan, and ultimately fails. However, the right side magazine is scanned fine, all tapes are correctly indexed.


I also noticed it didn't 'see' the mailslot and slots 4 and 8 (left side magazine), and therefore that indicates it has problems on that end of the magazine. However, today it ignores the mailslot, as it now starts with Slot 2 and thus doesn't 'see' slots 1, 5 and 9


The device itself is clean, no dust or dirt, the tape cassettes are brand new (HP LTO-4 with barcode labels). In fact, I just replaced 20 LTO-3 tapes I had with LTO-4 tapes, but I can't see how that has an effect on the operation of the robot.


The LTT report from the device is attached.


Re: MSL2024 Robotic failure 9B 3B



I had a look at the support ticket and this is what I think we can do to find the issue:


Remove the magazines and check that all the clear plastic inserts in the magazine slots (except for the mailslots) are present and seated


Update the library firmware to the latest version several fixes have been added to the firmware


If front panel access is available run the Wellness Test (From the 2-line front panel, select Support -> Run Wellness Test. From the GUI front panel, select Support -> Tests -> Wellness Test.) If front panel access is not available run the Demo test from the Remote Management Interface or the Library Exerciser test from HP Library and TapeTools. Only the Wellness test is able to exercise the import/export elements but the other tests will exercise everything that can be tested remotely

I am an HPE Employee