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MSL2024/Ultrium 1760 LTO4 driver problem

New Member

MSL2024/Ultrium 1760 LTO4 driver problem


I am having a issue with the above mentioned autoloader.
The unit is connected to a Windows XP server via an Adaptec controller.
I cannot get the driver of the 2 tape drives recognized by Windows. When loading the newest ( or older drivers the device manager details indicate that the driver is corrupted or not available. So the 2 tape drives have the yellow exclamation marks in front of them.
The tape drives are recognized by the HP storage works software with the correct driver and firmware versions.
I can use backup software to store data on the tapes although the software I am using, Yosemite, is not realy working correctly as I cannot release magazines or move tapes in the drives.
Any idea why the tape drive drivers are not being recognized by Windows?

Would appreciate anybodys help.

Best regards
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Re: MSL2024/Ultrium 1760 LTO4 driver problem

Hi Manfred

see if this case help