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MSL2024 with LTO2 cartridges

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MSL2024 with LTO2 cartridges


Have MSL2024 (single Ultrium920) hooked up to a Windows 2003 based server via Adaptec 29160 SCSI controller (Channel A). Multi-LUN support is enabled in SCSI BIOS as well. An internal LTO2 drive is also connected to the same controller through channel B.

Due to the fact that we have plenty of LTO2 cartridges, i just want to keep using them with MSL2024. Unfortunately, max backup speed obtained is 7MB/sec if the drive is using LTO2 cartridges. The speed dramatically increases(up to 35MB/sec) by using LTO3 cartridges. Also the internal LTO2 drive works like a charm.

Have NetBackup 6.0 MP5 and applied all performance tricks published on support site, replaced SCSI controller but no luck.

Both the drive and the robotics have the latest firmware code.

Is there any backward compatibility issue related to such unit?

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Re: MSL2024 with LTO2 cartridges

just to correct a detail about the SCSI controller given. it should have been the Adaptec 39160. sorry for the typo.