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MSL4048 Barcode issue

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MSL4048 Barcode issue

At a new client site we have a MSL4048 with 2 LTO-3 FC drives. All working just fine.

There is a problem with the barcodes though. They use a Dymo Label writer to write their own barcodes, just as they did with their MSL6030 before this library.

Tapes that work fine in the MSL6030 report no barcode in MSL4048! We have tried several different variations, but cannot seem to find where the problem is comming from.

Anyone have any tips or clue as to why the new library does not wish to recognize the printed barcode labels?

Sadly enough I do not have any HP branded barcodes at hand.
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Re: MSL4048 Barcode issue

You need to use the HP branded barcodes. Some others will work sometimes but the quality is unreliable. The Dymo labels may be too glossy, some labels from printers like that are. The labels also could have the wrong lead in or lead out. If the label is trimmed by hand the lead in/out is often too short.
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Re: MSL4048 Barcode issue

Hello Faasen,

here is a nice document regarding Barcodes:

Barcodes for the different library models are not standarized, which the barcode itself is, but not where to put it, how to print, etc..
The document helps to get a faster working solution and sometime it might be faster and in the end cheaper to take the recommanded and tested solution.
Another short warning, there is a known issue with this Library and there is an Advisory available for it: Barcode Labels Beginning With "NR" are Not Read or are Listed as "Full" in HP StorageWorks MSL2024, MSL4048, and MSL8096 Libraries and the 1/8 G2 Tape Autoloaders.

Hope this helps,
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Re: MSL4048 Barcode issue

Thank you both for your replies. I created a call with HP and they sent me testing barcodes which worked flawlessly.

I think that the Dymo labels are indeed too glossy and that that causes the problems.

The client has decided to order labels at HP and leave it at that, to make sure any further problems are avoided.

Again, thank you for your replies, they helped a lot!

Andries Faassen / Quindor
2e2 Data Management

Re: MSL4048 Barcode issue

The link in thread is broken.   Here is the new download link - 

Found on this page with other technical white papers -
Expand the “Resources” section to “Show More”. You should see the document - ‘Bar code and RFID labels for HPE tape automation with HPE bar code labels in a highly effective tape management system technical white paper’

I work for HPE

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