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MSL4048 - Dataprotector 6.00 DPWIN_00368

New Member

MSL4048 - Dataprotector 6.00 DPWIN_00368

Hi all,

We're having a problem with backup to our MSL4048 library.

We've recently updated the backup system to 2k3 SP2 and installed all the latest HP drivers via HP SIM.

The problem we're having is that writing to tape fails randomly. I already looked at the RSM service (it's disabled) and the regkey to disable TUR is also added to the registry.

The message i'm getting in the debug.log is the following:
SCTL_Write: (scsi addr=6:0:4:0) error. [0] () and SeqWrite: (Tape1:0:4:0C): SCTL_Write()=-1: {0}

Both the library & tape have the latest firmware.

Does anyone have a clue about this? Frankly, i'm out of ideas. Reverting to older drives didn't resole anything..

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Re: MSL4048 - Dataprotector 6.00 DPWIN_00368

Should it be of any intrest: we're using the storport drivers. I've tried switching to scsiport, to no avail..

The system is also being monitored by HP SIM - disabling the agents didn't change anything too. There's also a EVA Command View installed on that server.