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MSL4048 Firmware 7.00


MSL4048 Firmware 7.00


I have a MSL4048 with 4 X 448 LTO2 drives in.
I'm running W2K3 x86 with Networker 7.5.2

After a firmware upgrade from 6.7 to 7.0 the Msl is scanning all the time and the status is saying : scanning 94% many times. I can see that is happens if i give the MSL box a command like mount a tape.

Serial Number DEC06130J4
Product ID MSL G3 Series
Currently Installed Library Firmware 7.00 / 2.80e
Bootcode Firmware Revision 0.50
Library Mode Automatic, Random
WWide Node Name 2000000E111009F2

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Updated: Friday,11/13/2009 15:36:50
Status Scanning 94 %
Drive 1 Status Ready
Drive 2 Status Writing
Drive 3 Status Writing
Drive 4 Status Ready
Slots (Free/Total) 17/48
Mailslot Disabled
Library Time 11-13-09 15:40

It is almost imporsebel to release the Magazine then the box says Busy.

Are there any other firmwares there is fixing the proble

Regards Torben
New Member

Re: MSL4048 Firmware 7.00

Did you do your drives at the same time?