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MSL5026 PTM cabling and hub


MSL5026 PTM cabling and hub

I just acquired two used MSL5026S2 with the pass through mechanism installed. Sadly, the motor cable and the hub are lost. Why do people only get the big irons out of the racks and leave the rails, the cabling and anything else for the shredder?

Since the pinouts for the motor cable aren't documented: Does anybody know how it is pinned? 1:1? Is there a part number for it?

And what about the hub? Has it any special capabilities or can you use any other hub or switch? If it is special, is there a part number for it? If not, how do you get the units to "see" each other?

The PTM documentation isn't very helpful ...

Many thanks in advance
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Re: MSL5026 PTM cabling and hub

"And what about the hub?"

The hub is a bit "special" - it has some internal and one external (WAN) ports. The libs are getting internal IP addresses via DHCP from the hub and pass the configured external IP to the WAN posrt. Because of this you need this special hub.

303051-001 (hub, internal)
412505-001 (cable)

On the other hand you may still consider to use both libs as standalone.

Hope this helps!

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Re: MSL5026 PTM cabling and hub

Hi Thorsten,
thanks for the info.

I know I could use them standalone, but since I'm a bit of a mechanics freak I just wanted to have it running for the fun of it ...

Sadly, the prices for these parts are prohibitive in USA (they aren't sold in Germany).

So if someone in old Europe wants to sell them used (or knows some cheap way to ship them from USA), please mail me.