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MSL5026 Tape Library Stops Responding during backup

New Member

MSL5026 Tape Library Stops Responding during backup

I use Netbackup 7 to create backups using an MSL5026 Tape Library with an SDLT320 Drive. Currently I can get a backup jo to start and data will write, for instance 10GB of a 30 gig job, then the backup job hangs. Sometimes Netbackup tells me the Device is un-available. I have spent two weeks solid trying to reolve this. I'm pretty sure all my firmware and software is up-to-date, this includes for the Library, the the drive, the SCSI card, and the Server.


I'm attaching a support file as retrieved from L&TT.


Any feedback would be highly appreciated.


I've considered buying a new SCSI board for the unit, but also think it might be time to just replace it.