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MSL5052 not being detected by L&TT

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MSL5052 not being detected by L&TT

We have recently installed a new MSA2000 san, hp 8/8 fc switches.
As we currently have 2 MSL5052 with fc router installed, we connected them up to the 8/8 fc switches, the msl router was set to 2GB and the switch was quite happy to see it.
Running L&TT, this lists nothing of the libraries or the drives, backup exec 10d and 11d can see the drives but not the libraries.
The cluster is Windows 2003 sp2, these list the changers and the drives.
Looking through the ADAMM log files is comes up with invalid name and the name is " ".
Any one else come across this issue?
There is currently no zoning on the switches as this was thought to be the issue, but was not.
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Re: MSL5052 not being detected by L&TT


Please attach the EventLog.ltt. This log would be able to tell us why LTT is unable to see the storage devices.

Thank you,
LTT Team