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MSL6000 Library Controller Card

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MSL6000 Library Controller Card

Hello,Would someone be able to tell me whether the ethernet port on the library controller card on an MSL6000 is solely used for management or is it used in anyway for control of the libraries during backups? I have a situation where backups are failing and fingers are being pointed towards the network as being an issue. The ethernet port consistently connects at 10mb half duples, no matter which switch port it is connected to. The library also has FC connections to our core switch for performing the backups over the network.


Any help would be gratefully received.




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Re: MSL6000 Library Controller Card

It's for remote management only.


But it is used for comunnication between multible libaries through a dedicated hub, in case of stacked libraries, also.


All comunication between backup server(s) and library controller and drives is through the fiber (in your case) or SCSI




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