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MSL6000 not detecting tape drive

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MSL6000 not detecting tape drive


I've got an MSL6000 with a single drive, that can see the drive from the front panel, but the server it's connected to cannot see the drive. The message from L&TT is "The device scan failed to find all the library drives for at least one library".

This setup used to work fine, however it was disconnected and moved, and then when reconnected did not work properly.

The last thing I did was to unplug all the connections, reseat them, and then power cycle the whole system by shutting down the library and server, powering on the library (waiting until complete), and then powering on the server.

I've got it showing in devmgmt as "Unknown Medium Changer", but I've also tried with the HP drivers installed. Remote Storage service is disabled.

Connections are as follows (all VHDCI SCSI): Host -> Library Controller Card -> Drive -> Terminator.

Any ideas?

Thanks all.
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Re: MSL6000 not detecting tape drive

"Unknown Medium Changer" in device manager is ok, this mean you are using the windows driver, other vendor drivers for robot are purely cosmetics and used only to identify in the dev manager the model of robot.
Now related to your problem can you see the identification of the library and of the drive during server POST? it should appear in the SCSI HBA Bios.
You may probably have a bent/broken pin or a defective cable
If everything is under control, you are going too slow (Mario Andretti)