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Re: MSL6000 series library configure

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MSL6000 series library configure

dear all,

please help, im clueless on this..

i have;
3 unit DL380 G5 with emulex FC card installed, all of them try to connect MSL6000 series library, with 4 Gb FC optional card installed.. there is a brocade SAN Switch between them... btw, im using win2003 r2 server..

please show me complete step by step howto configure all of it... (drivers, software or hardware installation, howto operate backup on MSL6000 itself, etc)

coz i already follow the guide.. but i can't get the MSL6000 to operate..

- is it possible to detect MSL6000 in hardware manager on windows?? coz i can connect to it by serial or network port.. but it doesnt show on windows hardware.. is it normal or does something wrong???

-is it poosible to do convensional "ntbackup"
on MSL6000 without any third party backup software on windows???

please help guys..
tks before ..

need it urgently..
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Re: MSL6000 series library configure

Hi, the first thing you need to do is configure zoning on the FC switches and mapping on the library NSR.
The server that it's going to perform backup should be on one zone with the library NSR.
The NSR is accessed though it IP (default, user 'root', password 'password'.
There's a menu on the left, click on mapping
You should see the WWN of the server FC card there. Then you must assign a map to the server.

NSR manual here:

To use the library and drives with Windows ntbackup, you must install drivers:
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Re: MSL6000 series library configure


Before you get on to zoning, I would check that you can actually see the WWNs of the servers and the NSR (FC card) on the SAN switch.

Telnet onto the SAN switch and look at the output of the switchShow command, and make sure everything looks OK. If you don't know what's OK, post the output here...