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MSL6030 and ML370

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MSL6030 and ML370

Dear All,

There is a MSL6030 Fiber with two ultrium960 Tape drives.
We have assigned a Proliant ML370G5 as Media agent.

1- Can we connect MSL6030 to ML370 directly through as FC cable? (Without any SAN switch)

2- Which model of HBA fiber you recommend for ML (Linux)

3- URL for latest ultrium960 and MSL media changer drivers for linux/windows


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Re: MSL6030 and ML370

1 - I have not tried this, it should work. You may have to into the FC card settings for direct connect.

2 - HP/Qlogic or HP/Emulex

3 - HP Website - download software and drivers.

Why not remove the fibre card from the MSL6030, then use a dual channel SCSI card with VHDCI connectors? SCSI max speed is 320 MBytes/sec, 2Gbit Fibre is 200 MBytes/sec.

Also, much easier to configure, you will see the SCSI controller and LTO drives in POST.
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Re: MSL6030 and ML370

Yes, it works.

For tests and firmware updates you should use LTT, available for many different systems (including windows/linux) from

Hope this helps!

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